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Request Your Free Property Valuation Cost-Benefit Analysis Today

School districts derive substantial revenue from property taxes. As a result, McGown & Markling recommends that all school districts actively take steps to protect their property valuation – especially when property owners are seeking to reduce property values.

McGown & Markling has experience representing school districts in a variety of property tax valuation disputes, and we are prepared to provide your school district with a free cost-benefit analysis to determine whether it is in your school district’s best interest to challenge one or more decrease complaints. For example, it makes absolutely no sense to waste scarce resources on legal fees if the potential tax decrease is of nominal value, there are political and policy ramifications in challenging the valuation of certain residential and commercial properties, and there are circumstances when certain property valuations should be decreased.

Please contact either Matthew John Markling or Evan R. Lee to schedule your free property valuation cost-benefit analysis today.

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