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Category: Case Updates

Court decisions from across the country have implications right here in Ohio. Here is a selection of recent cases, and why they matter.

Censuring Public Officials May Not Violate the First Amendment

In the case of Houston Community College Sys. v. Wilson, No. 20-804, the United States Supreme Court held that a college board of trustee’s censure or reprimand of a board member who had made comments to the media and brought multiple lawsuits against the board alleging that the board violated its ethical rules and bylaws […]

High School Graduate Lacks Standing to Challenge Student Drug Testing Policy

In the case of Langin v. Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Bd. of Edn., 2022-Ohio-879, the Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals concluded that a high school graduate lacked standing to challenge the constitutionality of a school board student drug testing policy. Here, the graduate sought a declaration that the school board policy violated the Ohio Constitution and […]

Declaration of Candidacy Must Be Copied on Candidate Petitions

In the case of State ex rel. Maras v. LaRose, 2022-Ohio-866, the Ohio Supreme Court denied a citizen’s attempt to compel the Ohio Secretary of State to send declarations of candidacy to county boards of elections and certify the citizen as a candidate on the Republican Party primary ballot for secretary of state because the […]