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Category: Case Updates

Court decisions from across the country have implications right here in Ohio. Here is a selection of recent cases, and why they matter.

Untimely Arbitration Demands May Not Be Arbitrable

In the case of Streetsboro Edn. Assn. v. Streetsboro City School Dist. Bd. of Edn., 2019-Ohio-2170, an Ohio appellate court held that the express time limitations for bringing arbitrations set forth in the grievance procedure of a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) is binding and can result in untimely grievances not being arbitrable. In this case, […]

Union Employees Must Follow All Grievance Procedures Prior To Court Action

In the case of Hall v. Rocky River, 2019-Ohio-1997, an Ohio appellate court held that a union employee is required to exhaust administrative remedies under the grievance procedure prior to bringing a court action under a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”). In this case, a union employee was terminated for poor performance. The union employee appealed […]

Worker’s Compensation Leave Does Not Extend Disability Retirement Deadline

In the case of State ex rel. Clift v. School Emps. Retirement Sys., 2019-Ohio-1896, an Ohio appellate court held that a public worker could not use worker’s compensation time when calculating time under the State Employee Retirement System of Ohio (“SERS”) deadline for applying for disability retirement. In this case, a school bus driver was […]