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Category: Case Updates

Court decisions from across the country have implications right here in Ohio. Here is a selection of recent cases, and why they matter.

Inmates are Not Traditional Employees

In the case Melton v. Ohio Dept. of Rehab. & Corr., 2021-Ohio-2995, the Ohio Court of Claims held that an inmate who performs labor is not an employee and there was not enough evidence to support both the negligence and defamation claims. Here, the inmate argued that the employer’s negligence caused his injuries and the […]

Employees That Agreed to Pay Policy Cannot Later Object to Payment

In the case Elita One v. Emergency Med. Transport, Inc., 2021-Ohio-2990, the Eleventh District Court of Appeals held that by continuing to work at the company, the employees agreed to the policies and could not later claim they objected. Here, the employees argued they were underpaid based on a policy in the employee handbook that […]

City Must Prove Immunity to Overcome Malicious Prosecution Allegations

In the case Lemley v. Lorain, 2021-Ohio-2869, the Ninth District Court of Appeals held that an individual’s claims against the City of Lorain and individual police officers will not be dismissed based on statutory immunity. Here, an individual brought a malicious prosecution claim alleging that the actions of the officers was outside the scope of […]

Board of Tax Appeals Makes Valid Valuation

In the case Cincinnati City School Dist. Bd. of Edn. v. Cincinnati, 2021-Ohio-2653, the Fifth District Court of Appeals held that the Board of Tax Appeals made a correct property value determination for a multi-story department store and parking garage. In this case, the local school board requested the auditor’s increased property value be upheld […]