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Category: Case Updates

Court decisions from across the country have implications right here in Ohio. Here is a selection of recent cases, and why they matter.

Records Must Be Withheld When Requester Knows Student Identities

In the case Krouse v. Ohio State Univ., 2018-Ohio-5014, an Ohio Court of Claims adopted a special master’s findings that personally identifiable information cannot be redacted and records must be withheld in their entirety when the a public records requester already knows the identity of the student whom the records relate. Additionally, when a request is made for […]

School Boards May Non-Renew Non-Teaching Employees Without Cause Absent Collective Bargaining Language Stating Otherwise

In the case United Elec. Radio & Machine Workers of Am. v. Highland Local School Dist. Bd. of Edn., 2018-Ohio-5307, an Ohio appellate court held that a school board may non-renew non-teaching employees with or without cause absent collective bargaining language stating otherwise. This case involved two non-teaching employees hired on limited one-year contracts. At […]

Documents Filed Under Seal Are Still Subject To Public Records Requests

In Heisig v. MetroHealth Sys., 2018-Ohio-4925, the Ohio Court of Claims adopted a special master’s recommendation that public records previously filed under seal with a judicial court must still be provided pursuant to a public records request absent a specific exemption. In this case, a public office denied a public record request for employee records […]

Public Records Actions Cannot Be Used To Chastise Public Offices

In Slattery v. Cleveland, 2018-Ohio-4591, the Court of Claims adopted a special master’s findings that a public records action filed after requested documents had been produced cannot be used to chastise or harass a public office – regardless of how untimely the records were produced. As a general rule, a public records requestor can enforce […]