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Case Studies

Each and every McGown & Markling client comes to us with a compelling reason why they need legal services. Our goal is to ensure that each one of them receives the best legal counsel possible. However, as our communication with our clients is protected by the attorney-client privilege, our successes are often rewarded with silence.

That being said, McGown & Markling attorneys have been entrusted with defending clients in over 200 lawsuits throughout the State of Ohio. Here is a small sampling of those cases.

Janiszewski v. Belmont Career Ctr.

In the case of Janiszewski v. Belmont Career Ctr., 2017-Ohio-855, a former employee sued a vocational school district board of education and her supervisors following the non-renewal of her teaching contract. The employee alleged numerous claims including hostile work environment gender discrimination, disability discrimination, defamation, and fraud. McGown & Markling successfully obtained summary judgment in […]

Gardner v. Summit Cnty. Educ. Serv. Ctr.

In the case of Gardner v. Summit Cty. Edn. Serv. Ctr., N.D. Ohio No. 5:15CV1270, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 36275., a preschool teacher alleged that an educational service center (“ESC”) interfered with his Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) leave and retaliated against him for taking FMLA leave by non-renewing his teaching contact. McGown & Markling represented […]

Kinderdine v. Mahoning Cty. Bd. of Dev. Disabilities

In the case of Kinderdine v. Mahoning Cty. Bd. of Dev. Disabilities, 2016-Ohio-4815, a student drowned after he exited a school gym and managed to walk through a door leading to a pool area. The family alleged that the door was defective and that the pool was also defective as it was not covered at the time […]

Moss v. Lorain Bd. of Mental Retardation

In the case of Moss v. Lorain Bd. of Mental Retardation, 2016-Ohio-169, a student alleged that a board of developmental disabilities negligently and carelessly designed, constructed, and maintained a classroom kitchen that – according to the student – contained physical hazards that threatened the safety of students because a student spilled coffee from a coffee pot […]

Massey v. Akron City Bd. of Edn.

In the case of Massey v. Akron City Bd. of Edn., three students filed separate lawsuits alleging that the school board violated their civil rights when the school board allegedly adopted customs and practices that allowed one of its school employees to engage in misconduct with all three students that resulted in the employee being convicted […]