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Removing Trees from Tree Lawns Deemed a Governmental Function

In the case of Scroggs v. Cincinnati, 2022-Ohio-450, the Ohio First District Court of Appeals held that a city was immune from a citizen’s negligence claim when the citizen was allegedly injured by falling into a hole left by uprooting a tree in the area between the sidewalk and street – i.e., the tree lawn. […]

Simple Majority Congressional Map Only Effective for Four Years

On March 1, 2022, the Ohio Attorney General issued a formal opinion to Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp explaining that, under Article XI Section 1(B)(1) of the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Redistricting Commission may adopt a new congressional voting map by a simple majority vote. The Attorney General further explained that Article XIX Section 3(B)(2) […]

Senate Bill 181 – Extracurricular Bans on Religious Apparel Prohibited

On February 28, 2022, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 181, which prohibits public and private schools from banning students from wearing religious apparel when participating in athletic and extracurricular activities and events unless such apparel presents a legitimate danger to other participants. To read this bill, click here. Authors: Matthew John […]

House Bill 229 – Camp Operators Granted Qualified Immunity

On February 28, 2022, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law House Bill 229, which – in part – provides qualified immunity to camp operators from injuries arising from a “risk inherent to camping,” which is defined as a danger or condition that is an integral part of camping including, but not limited to, natural […]

House Bill 4 – Child Abuse and Neglect Updates

On February 28, 2022, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed into law House Bill 4, which requires – in part – that each public children service agency (“PCSA”) both disclose information discovered during child abuse/neglect investigations to a law enforcement agency and notify child abuse/neglect reporters that the PSCA has received the report and completed its […]

Mask Guidance Updates

On February 25, 2022, the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) updated its guidance on wearing masks in schools and on buses. In summary, the CDC is no longer recommending that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks in schools and on buses in counties with low or medium COVID-19 community levels. However, in counties […]