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An Honest Mistake May Not Cost Public Offices

In the case of State ex rel. Atakpu v. Shuler, Slip Opinion No. 2023-Ohio-2266, the Ohio Supreme Court held that the public office did not have to pay statutory damages and court costs when the public office responded to a public record request in good faith but provided the incorrect records. In this case, the […]

Immunity for Bus Driver, Not for RTA in Accident

n the case of Mencini v. Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Auth., 2023-Ohio-2299, an appellate court held that the state transportation company did not have statutory immunity for the bus driver’s negligence, but the bus driver did have statutory immunity when the bus driver allegedly hit a car when the car was attempting to turn right […]

Paid Administrative Leave Does Not Circumvent a Non-Compete Agreement

In the case of Total Quality Logistics, L.L.C. v. Leonard, 2023-Ohio-2271, an appellate court held that the employee violated a non-compete agreement when the employee was placed on paid administrative leave by a competitor despite the employee not providing any services to the competitor during the administrative leave. In this case, the employee argued that […]

Statutory Immunity Hurdle Too High for Former Police Chief to Meet

In the case of Nice v. Akron, 2023-Ohio-2230, an appellate court held that (1) the replacement police chief had absolute privilege against civil liability for statements made in the course of reporting criminal activity; (2) the public official had statutory immunity regarding comments made at a press conference; and (3) the public official was not […]