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McGown & Markling provides comprehensive legal services to public entities, officials, and employees throughout the State of Ohio. If you would like to schedule a presentation tailored to the unique needs of your educational institution, please contact McGown & Markling today.

The Ohio Ethics Commission – The Voice of Ethics – 2023 Quarter 3

The Ohio Ethics Commission just published its newest newsletter, “The Voice of Ethics,” which can be viewed here. Past newsletters from the Ohio Ethics Commission can be viewed here. McGown & Markling is often asked to opine on various ethics issues, but the best ethics advice comes straight from the Ohio Ethics Commission itself. To request an […]

School Officials Have the Right to Search Students

In the case of Stanford v. Northmont City School District, an appellate court held that when public school officials are searching students, the Fourth Amendment requires that (1) the officials have “reasonable grounds” to believe they will find evidence that the student violated school rules, and (2) the search is “reasonably related” to its objectives […]