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Unions Are Prohibited from Using Judicial System to Circumvent Binding Contractual and Administrative Procedures

In the case of Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Assn. v. Cleveland, 2023-Ohio-71, the appellate court found that the union was improperly using the Declaratory Judgment Act (R.C. Chapter 2721) to circumvent binding contractual and administrative procedures regarding the police officer discipline process. In this case, the union argued that the city should be prohibited from disciplining […]

JetBlue Sued for Political Speech Mask Suppression

In response to being unconstitutionally silenced, seized, and abandoned in Florida for wearing a political speech mask, Ohio resident, Ryan J. Salo, has filed a complaint against the JetBlue Airways Corporation and its employees in the federal case of Salo v. JetBlue Airways Corp., N.D. Ohio Case No. 5:23-cv-00207 (Judge Sara Lioi). On March 3, […]

Lions, Tigers, and Golf Carts, Oh My!

In the case of Inskeep v. Columbus Zoological Park Assn., 2023-Ohio-288, an appellate court held that an issue of fact existed — to be determined by a jury — as to whether a zoo was liable for injuries to a mother who was struck by her own three-year old child while driving an unattended golf […]