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Email Not the Same as Certified Mail

In the case of Watkins v. Ohio Bd. of Edn., 2023-Ohio-2595, an appellate court held that the board of education still had authority and jurisdiction to conduct a hearing regarding the suspension of an educator’s license and permanent enjoinment from holding a license when the board of education failed to schedule the hearing fifteen days […]

Zipline at Your Own Risk

In the case of Thomas v. Chimera, 2023-Ohio-2132, an appellate court held that the host of a birthday party was not liable for a falling injury sustained by a partygoer while ziplining when the partygoer assumed the risk for the recreational activity and the record did not settle show the cause of the partygoer’s fall. […]

Shoppers Beware of Winter Conditions

In the case of Neagles v. R.K. Holdings, L.L.P., 2023-Ohio-2099, an appellate court held the store owner did not owe a duty clear snow from in front of the store owner’s storefront when the shopper slipped in said snow. In this case, the store owner argued that there is no duty to remove snow for […]

Excessive Force Claim Reviewed Only Under the Fourth Amendment

In the case of Heard v. Thomas, 6th Cir. No. 22-5699 (June 26, 2023), a federal appellate court held that the school resource officer’s use of force against a student may have been excessive when the school resource officer allegedly struck a student unprovoked. In this case, the student argued that the school resource officer […]