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Educational Service Center Contract Ruled Ambiguous

In the case of Betscher v. Governing Bd. Of Edn. Serv. Ctr., 2015-Ohio-4727, an educational service center employee who, by contract with the service center, worked two days each week for the county commissioner’s office, filed a lawsuit alleging that the service center failed to provide his paid vacation leave. An appeals court refused to dismiss the case finding that the employee’s contract was unclear and ambiguous as to the employee’s full-time or part-time employment status and whether he was a “non-teaching employee” under R.C. 3319.081, “other administrator” under R.C. 3319.02, or some other type of employee.

This case demonstrates the importance of crafting clear employment contracts for educational service center employees – particularly when the contracts provide services to other political subdivisions.

To read this case, please click here.

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