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United States Department of Labor Updates Overtime Payment Exclusions and Definitions

On March 28, 2019, the United States Department of Labor issued a notice of proposed rulemaking updating the exclusions allowed when calculating overtime payments. Additionally, the proposed changes would change the definitions of “show up,” “call back,” and other similar types of pay from “infrequent and sporadic” to “without prearrangement.”

To read the notice and the new exclusions, click here.

Authors: Matthew John Markling, Patrick Vrobel, and John T. Sulik, Jr.

Note: This blog entry does not constitute – nor does it contain – legal advice. Legal jurisprudence is like the always changing Midwestern weather. As a result, this single blog entry cannot substitute for consultation with a McGown & Markling attorney. If legal advice is needed with respect to a specific factual situation, please feel free to contact a McGown & Markling attorney.

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