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House Bill 583 Education Requirements for Substitute Teachers Extends to 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years

2022 Am.Sub.H.B. No. 583 (“H.B. 583”), effective September 23, 2022, enables public and/or chartered nonpublic schools to employ substitute teachers according to their school-specific education requirements.

H.B. 583 establishes the General Assembly the Substitute Teacher Shortages Study Committee “to examine the shortage of substitute teachers and consider ways to address its causes.” H.B. also serves as a “temporary provision” of S.B. 1 of the 134th General Assembly which provides a school district, community school, STEM school, chartered nonpublic school, educational service center (“ESC”), or regional council of governments consisting of one or more ESCs, collectively, (“school or ESC”), to employ an individual as a substitute teacher for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years.

The qualifications for an individual’s employment as a substitute teacher for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years are that such an individual (1) meets the school or ESC’s own education requirements, (2) is deemed to be of good moral character, (3) successfully completes a criminal records check, and (4) obtains a nonrenewable temporary substitute teaching license for such an individual who does not hold a post-secondary degree but meets the requirements proscribed in H.B. 583 and applicable laws for the 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024 school years only as applicable and issued by the State Board of Education.

H.B. 583 also makes technical and corrective changes to the school financing system, explains State scholarship and educational savings programs, provides information on community schools as well as other education licensure program.

To read this Bill, click here.

To read the Final Bill Analysis, click here.

Authors: Matthew John Markling and the McGown & Markling Team.

Note: This blog entry does not constitute – nor does it contain – legal advice. Legal jurisprudence is like the always-changing Midwestern weather. As a result, this single blog entry cannot substitute for consultation with a McGown & Markling attorney. If legal advice is needed with respect to a specific factual situation, please feel free to contact a McGown & Markling attorney.


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