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One of McGown & Markling’s most beloved members only works on weekends and holidays, often sleeps on the floor of his office, and has a predilection for stylish sunglasses. He also has a wet nose.

Meet Caesar, Matt Markling’s rescue boxer. Caesar is the second boxer rescued by Matt and his family. Caesar arrived during a particularly CaesarRedCloseUpstressful time for the Marklings, after Matt’s son had undergone a series of surgical and medical procedures. Caesar quickly became an integral part of the family, providing much needed comfort and support.

Caesar is a regular fixture at the McGown & Markling office on weekends and over holidays, and he arrives in style. Sporty red sunglasses firmly in place, Caesar loves to ride in the sidecar of Matt’s Victory motorcycle, ears flapping in the breeze. Matt and Caesar can often be seen cruising the streets of their Lakewood neighborhood, and proudly riding together in various parades and events.


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