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Category: Case Updates

Court decisions from across the country have implications right here in Ohio. Here is a selection of recent cases, and why they matter.

Judicial Guidance For Terminating School Employees

In Fox v. Huron City School Dist. Bd. of. Edn., 2017-Ohio-7984, a school board’s decision to terminate a superintendent was affirmed by an Ohio appellate court. This must read case is very important because it emphasizes the importance of (1) considering the recommendation of the referee as the school board determines whether to order the […]

The Ohio Supreme Court Clarifies (Or Changes) the Charitable-Or-Public Use Tax Exemption

In Breeze, Inc. v. Testa, Slip Opinion No. 2017-Ohio-7801, the Ohio Supreme Court clarified – or changed according to the dissent – when the public-schoolhouse exemption and charitable-or-public-use tax exemption is available for leased property. Former and current Ohio law provides a tax exemption for property belonging to charitable or educational institutions when the property […]