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Category: Current Issues

Here is a compendium of current issues that affect Ohio’s public entities, plus McGown & Markling news of note.

Ohio Auditor of State Releases Best Practices Guide for School Crowdfunding

With the increased popularity of crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe, crowdrise, and DonorsChoose to raise money for school purchases, schools are faced with new legal challenges and issues. To combat these issues, the Auditor of the State of Ohio (“Auditor”) released a guide entitled, “Schools and Crowdfunding” to help schools avoid liability and audit violations […]

Ohio Attorney General Offers Free Drone Services To Enhance School Safety

The Ohio Attorney General announced in June 2018 that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (“BCI”) will begin assisting school districts in increasing their safety efforts. As part of this effort, the BCI is offering the use of its drones to take free aerial photographs of school buildings for inclusion in school safety plans. These aerial […]

The United States Supreme Court Strikes Down Agency Fees

In a ruling that could cost public-sector unions millions and result in the transformation of organized labor in this country, the United States Supreme Court found in Janus v. AFCSME, Supreme Court No. 16-3638, that states and public-sector unions may no longer collect agency fees from non-consenting employees. Over forty years ago, the United States […]