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Case Studies

Each and every McGown & Markling client comes to us with a compelling reason why they need legal services. Our goal is to ensure that each one of them receives the best legal counsel possible. However, as our communication with our clients is protected by the attorney-client privilege, our successes are often rewarded with silence.

That being said, McGown & Markling attorneys have been entrusted with defending clients in over 200 lawsuits throughout the State of Ohio. Here is a small sampling of those cases.

O’Hara v. Garber

In the case of O’Hara v. Garber, 72 Fed.Appx. 311, an assistant treasurer sued a school board, superintendent, and treasurer, alleging state and federal due process claims along with alleged defamation actions. Mathew John Markling represented the school board, superintendent, and treasurer in this case. The federal trial judge dismissed the due process claims against […]

Domingo v. Kowalski

In the case of Domingo v. Kowalski, 810 F.3d 403, four disabled students alleged that a teacher violated their Fourteenth Amendment right to bodily integrity. McGown & Markling represented the teacher in this case, and successfully obtained summary judgment for the teacher. On appeal, the Sixth Circuit upheld the trial court’s dismissal in favor of […]

Palmer v. Caccioppo

In the case of Palmer v. Caccioppo, 429 Fed.Appx. 491, a secretary alleged that the school board and school employees (1) denied the secretary’s right to medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”); (2) submitted the secretary to an unreasonable search and seizure by requiring that the secretary submit to drug testing; […]

Duitch v. Canton City Schools

In the case of Duitch v. Canton City Schools, 2004-Ohio-2173, a student filed a civil hazing claim against the school board and several school administrators alleging that he was severely beaten as part of an alleged “freshman-beating day” tradition. McGown & Markling represented the school board and school administrators in this case, and successfully obtained […]

Hykes v. The Board of Edn.

In the case of Hykes v. The Board of Edn. of the Bellevue City School Dist., 2012-Ohio-6059, an assistant superintendent appealed the termination of his contract under R.C. 3319.16. McGown & Markling represented the school board in this case. On appeal, the state appellate court agreed with McGown & Markling’s arguments and held that it […]

Croley v. Metro. Sewer Dist. of Greater Cincinnati.

In the case of Croley v. Metro. Sewer Dist. of Greater Cincinnati., a homeowner alleged that the city negligently damaged the lateral line servicing her property which allegedly caused the sewer back-up to flood her house. McGown & Markling represented the municipality in this case, and successfully obtained judgment on the pleadings for the municipality […]