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Matthew John Markling Presents to New Educational Service Center Superintendents

On December 9, 2019, Matthew John Markling is presenting a legal update to new educational service center superintendents. Mr. Markling’s presentation will address current legal issues facing Ohio’s ESCs and their stakeholders. Mr. Markling serves as General Counsel to OESCA, which represents the superintendents, teachers, supervisors and other personnel of Ohio’s ESCs and seeks to promote excellence […]

The Ohio Ethics Commission – The Voice of Ethics – 2019 Quarter 4

The Ohio Ethics Commission just published its newest newsletter, “The Voice of Ethics,” which can be viewed here. Past newsletters from the Ohio Ethics Commission can be viewed here. McGown & Markling is often asked to opine on various ethics issues, but the best ethics advice comes straight from the Ohio Ethics Commission itself. To […]

Negligent Hiring, Training, or Supervision of a Police Officer Does Not Constitute an Exception to Political Subdivision Immunity

In the case of McConnell v. Dudley, Slip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-4740, the Ohio Supreme Court held that negligence in the hiring, training, or supervising of a police officer who is subsequently involved in a motor-vehicle accident does not constitute an exception to the general statutory immunity of political subdivisions. Generally, under R.C. 2744, political subdivisions […]

School Boards Can Disagree with Referees over What Constitutes Hazing

In the case of Ellsworth v. Streetsboro City Sch. Dist. Bd. of Educ., 11th Dist. Portage Nos. 2018-P-0104, 2018-P-0105, 2019-Ohio-4731, an Ohio appellate court held that a school board can disagree about what constitutes hazing with an appointed referee. In this case, two instructors ran a band camp where incidents of alleged hazing occurred. The […]