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When Can a Private Party Donate to a Public Agency?

On March 9, 2023, the Ohio Ethics Commission has issued an advisory opinion which concludes that public agencies may accept gifts or payments from vendors, provided that no agency officials or employees receive any personal benefit from the donation.

This opinion outlines when Ohio ethics law prohibits a donation to a public agency and clarifies how public agencies should determine whether a donation is a gift or a payment.

To read this ethics opinion, please click here.

Authors: Matthew John Markling and the McGown & Markling Team.

Note: This blog entry does not constitute – nor does it contain – legal advice. Legal jurisprudence is like the always-changing Midwestern weather. As a result, this single blog entry cannot substitute for consultation with a McGown & Markling attorney. If legal advice is needed with respect to a specific factual situation, please feel free to contact a

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