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Preliminary Injunction Enough to Be a Prevailing Party

In the case of G.S. v. Lee, 6th Cir. No. 22-5969 (Aug. 14, 2023), a federal appellate court held that the disabled students were entitled to attorney’s fees when the disabled students were awarded a preliminary injunction, but not a permanent injunction, to stop the governor from enforcing an executive order than allowed grade-school students […]

City Auditors Must Submit Petitions to Board of Elections

In the case of State ex rel. LaChapelle v. Harkey, Slip Opinion No. 2023-Ohio-2723, the Ohio Supreme Court held that the city finance director, acting as the city auditor, was required to transmit a referendum petition to the board of elections when the realtor complied with all referendum procedures pursuant to R.C. 731.28 through R.C. […]

Ohio Fair Plan Underwriting Association is a Public Office

In the case of State ex rel. Fair Housing Opportunities of Northwest Ohio v. Ohio Fair Plan, Slip Opinion No. 2023-Ohio-2667, the Ohio Supreme Court held that the underwriting association was a public office and must comply with public record requests when the association was created by state statute to be a public office. In […]

Previous Disqualifying Conviction Sufficient Cause for Termination

In the case of Childs v. Kroger Co., 2023-Ohio-2034, an appellate court held that the company permissibly terminated the manager when the manager’s disqualifying conviction was made known to the company despite the manager working for the company for years and the company ran background checks on the manager that did not reveal the disqualifying […]