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Matt Markling: The Island Superintendent

As a founding director of McGown & Markling, Matthew John Markling has dedicated his life to the practice of Education Law and providing school districts with his very best legal representation. Matt is also a former school board president and a current school law professor. But Matt’s dedication doesn’t stop there.

Matt is also the Superintendent for both the Middle Bass and North Bass Local School Districts. But Matt’s a busy guy, and getting to the Middle Bass and North Bass Islands the conventional way requires a long drive out to Catawba Point, then a ferry ride, and you have to depend on the ferry schedule.

Luckily, Matt’s never done anything the conventional way. Ferry schedules aren’t always convenient to a lawyer/professor/superintendent on the go. When it’s time to put on his Superintendent hat – and Lake Erie is frozen, Matt heads out to the Erie-Ottawa International Airport, climbs in the cockpit of a plane, stows his briefcase, and flies off to the Islands.photogrid_1477918628763

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