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Meet Dr. Andrew Povtak

McGown & Markling is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Andrew Povtak to our award winning legal team.

Aside from his legal and academic career, Andy has been obsessed with ice hockey for as long as he can remember … and certainly since he watched Wayne Douglas Gretzky (a.k.a., The Great One) and the Edmonton Oilers take on the New York Islanders in the 1983 Stanley Cup Finals. A few years and countless ice skating lessons later, Andy and his younger brother started playing with the Parma Heights Hockey Program, where Andy played from 1985-1991.

Andy continued playing organized hockey at Case Western Reserve University as a defenseman for the school’s club team. When The Great

One said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take,” Andy took it to heart … and took lots of shots as a defenseman averaging an astounding six assists per season and scoring a staggering two goals throughout his collegiate club career. Andy’s defensive perseverance was recognized by his teammates who voted him club vice-president, president, and captain.

Andy’s playing career moved to Hockey North America, which is a nationwide adult recreation league, where Andy joined the fledgling Cleveland Barons (named after the returning AHL team) in 2001. While playing in Hockey North America, Andy developed some actual offensive prowess and played his way into two league all-star games and two national tournament championships.

Andy has continued his passion for hockey through coaching youth hockey for the Strongsville Youth Hockey Club. Andy is currently coaching both of his sons and an amazing group of kids – all of whom work hard every day and never dog it … to paraphrase The Great One.

To learn more about Andy, please click here.

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