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Meet Danielle Schantz

McGown & Markling is proud to announce the addition of Danielle “Danni” Schantz to our award winning legal team.

Aside from her legal and academic career, Danni is very interested in graphic design. In fact, while her boys were younger, Danni ran a wedding invitation and stationery design company. She has a love of handmade paper and has even taken screen printing and bookbinding classes. She hopes to visit Japan where some of the world’s most beautiful handmade paper is made.

Danni and her husband have spent the past 18 years renovating a small bungalow in their hometown of Wooster, Ohio. They are fans of arts and crafts mission style architecture and décor and have restored many of the original features to their home. The house is known as the “green bungalow under constant construction” on Bever Street!

Danni also manages to find time to stay involved in her local community. She and two of her friends, who also had children in the same school, organized an effort to improve the school’s playground. Three years and well over $600,000 later the Cornerstone PlayLab was born! The PlayLab is fully ADA compliant outdoor learning and play space that provides both traditional and natural play experiences for the kids at Cornerstone Elementary School. The many private donors who supported the project wanted to provide this large, economically and racially diverse school with the best playground in town. It is a destination for kids throughout Wooster and surrounding communities.

On the weekends, you can find Danni, her husband, and boys watching movies. While Peter and Danni prefer documentaries and “grown up” movies, they have come to love superhero films! The family has watched, repeatedly all of the Marvel movies and many others. The best part is the popcorn Peter makes for the family, he uses the same popcorn pot his dad used for many decades!

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